Let’s do this!

Fill in as much information as you can.  Feel free to leave blanks, we can do the rest together.

Here you put the big picture for your project. What previous experience and/or projects relate to this current one?
What do you want this campaign to accomplish?
What’s your idea of success for the project?
Please include any demographic information you have such as age, gender, race, or income level that will help us craft your message.
Who are you competing with? What is the marketplace like for you? Be sure to give names and numbers if you have them!
What is the theme and message of your project?
Paired with the message, what do you want your project to be like - funny, sincere, dramatic?
What do you want the project look like? What types of images or sequences will do you want to see? Feel free to add links to examples of visuals you like or previous projects you want to emulate - either stills or videos.
We need to know if you want to interview anyone or if we need to hire any actors (or perhaps rope in some people who work at your company!) to feature in your project. This will greatly impact the schedule and the budget so it is important to know this as early as possible.
Do you know much money do you have available to spend on this project? Knowing this information in advance is helpful so that we can accurately put together a creative brief that matches your goals.
What is the hard delivery date for this project? Having this information will help us with planning, scheduling, and budgeting
Who needs to see and approve the final delivery? If we know there are multiple people/departments that need to sign off on the project we can work that into our schedule to make sure there is enough time to make revisions before the final delivery date rolls around.
Is there anything else you want to tell us about the project that we haven't already covered? Add it right here.