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Microsoft Software + Services: Singapore

Case Study: Microsoft Software + Services Campagin

The year was 2008. Apple and Microsoft were battling it out to gain higher ground in a new world of connected devices and cloud computing. Technology was moving as fast as imagination, which in a world recently introduced to great films such as ‘The Minority Report’, tapping into a vision of the future was what everyone was talking about and wanted to see.

Microsoft’s cloud strategy organization was testing out a platform called ‘Software + Services’, which needed to gain traction internally, as well as externally. The problem was that people didn’t trust the cloud, and were having trouble imagining a world where connected devices and the ‘Internet of Things’ made life any better than it already was.

Microsoft argued that when you add smart, connected devices to a ubiquitous Web, the sum is greater than its parts. Software + Services is that greater sum – it’s an approach from Microsoft and its partners that delivers the best experience, the greatest choice, and the most opportunities for the industry.

Working with Microsoft and their agencies, Visual Aid helped to create this unique take on future vision videos. These flag-ship videos helped to open keynote speeches by executives looking to gain traction with skeptical audiences, as well as online campaigns to raise awareness for the future possibilities coming from Microsoft.

The result? Funding that led to supporting initiatives and major growth strategies to build the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, plus the Halolens acquisition and development, not to mention great advances in Surface computing.