Autodesk & the Wall


Case Study: The launch of Fusion 360

Autodesk needed to produce a video campaign featuring a new design software that would generate buzz and excitement with an increasingly skeptical audience. The only caveat, was that the name and appearance of the software wasn’t cleared for release, and could not be mentioned or seen.

Instead of creating a whiz-bang show stopper that used fake images or mockups to sell an idea of software, Autodesk used Visual Aid to create compelling customer vignettes, featuring real people and real stories.

We asked, “What is your dream design software?”.  The answer, as it was later revealed, is Fusion 360.

Autodesk broke walls by turning a lens toward their customers, breaking the 4th wall that separates an audience from storyteller.  They broke walls by producing premium content at a fair price, then choosing to make it part of their overall brand strategy.  

Visual Aid has since produced content for each major vertical of the company, and continues to tell great stories from the perspective of real people, doing real things.