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We tell stories, from HBO documentary film to network television, social media marketing to multi-screen advertising displayed on skyscrapers in Times Square.

Our niche is in making short documentary films, or as we lovingly call them, ‘brand documentaries’.  These are not your typical corporate talking-head videos.

We pride ourselves on making videos that move people.  Videos that inspire, telling tales of humans doing real things - things that matter.  Sure they are helping companies who are selling products, or exchanging money for services, but they are striving to make the world a better place.

We like to find meaning in everything that we do, big or small.  We make it a point to always do our best work, so on any given day if you were to ask us what our most important, or favorite project has been, it is the one we’re working on right now.

Origin Story


Visual Aid was founded in 2006, at that time the world was moving from analogue to digital, while access to film-making technology was becoming democratized.

It was a truly revolutionary time for storytellers everywhere.

BMW Films released a series of advertisements that were doing things that had never been done before.  Ads were longer than your typical 30 second or 60 second broadcast standard spec, and ran on the Internet - a first!  

These short ads felt like little movies, with plots and arcs that weren’t immediately recognizable as commercials, but featured product placement or brands that played as supporting actors in an otherwise fully entertaining story.  

Inspired by this, Visual Aid worked with Microsoft and HP- initially- creating a series of brand films that would mimic this new style of advertising.  No longer were we constrained by broadcast standard lengths, and no longer did we have to focus on brand messaging and typical, boring marketing rhetoric.  

We were at last free to tell good stories!

Art of the Interview

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 4.31.41 PM.png

Almost as influential to us as the advent of the brand film, was the invention of a device called the ‘Interrotron’, or as we use it now, the ‘Eye-Direct’.  

An interview mechanism, this technology was first developed by Errol Morris, the famous documentary filmmaker, in producing his documentary, Fog of War.  

What became available because of this technology was the ability to interview people using a 2-way mirror, similar to a periscope.  It fits in front of the camera, and the result is direct eye contact with your interview subjects and the audience.  

Now we can speak directly to our audience, intimately and with a human face as our connection - not a teleprompter, or by having to be camera trained, like a news reporter or an actor who has spent countless hours learning how to talk to a camera as if it were a real person.

“We all know when someone makes eye contact with us.  It is a moment of drama.

When people make eye contact with us, look away and then make eye contact again. It’s an essential part of communication. 

And yet, it is lost in standard interviews on film. That is, until the Interrotron.”

- Errol Morris


We love what we do.  

We love it so much that we want it for our clients and their customer, too.  It sounds cheesy, but if everyone had the ability to tell great stories, everyone would win.  

Customers would be attracted to the businesses that they need in their lives, and companies would create products that people actually want.

Our fight is against overpriced marketing that doesn’t move an audience. We feel that we’re in the right place at the right time to really make a difference in our client’s lives. 

We can help you to make the world a better place. 

We will show you how.