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Meaningful short documentary films for brands compelled to entertain, educate and grow their audiences.

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Marketers don’t always know how to tell amazing stories.

Great media campaigns are often compromised because of budget constraints.


Real people. 

Real stories.


Real people telling real stories makes advertising more authentic, cost effective and loved by everyone.

Because the truth makes marketing easy.

Honesty & integrity.

Loyalty & affinity.


Imagine what’s possible when you start listening and let your customers and employees do the talking.

Connect real stories to your campaigns and win the hearts of both your audience and your stakeholders. 

You can change the world, one story at a time.

Save money while giving your audience what they love. Make short documentary videos that work.

We will show you how.

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Visual Aid is a full service storytelling production company based in Portland, Oregon.

Marketers, agencies, brands, even small companies come to Visual Aid to find their voice, define goals and create a story that will inspire their customers to take action.  

We’ll work with you to define your message, cut through the noise and invite your customers to take part in your story. 

Together we will make the world a better place.

From big brands and startups, agencies to charities, everybody loves Visual Aid!

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