Microsoft - Shared Resource Computing

Microsoft wanted to create marketing, training and brand strategy videos for the global launch of their Windows Multipoint Server 2010 product.

Never before has affordable computing looked so good.

Microsoft Software + Services - Singapore

When you add smart, connected devices to a ubiquitous Web, the sum is greater than its parts. Software + Services is that greater sum – it’s an approach from Microsoft and its partners that delivers the best experience, the greatest choice, and the most opportunities for the industry.

Working with Microsoft and their agencies, Visual Aid helped to create this unique take on future vision videos. This flag-ship video is part of a series that was created for Microsoft's Cloud Strategy organization.

Microsoft Recruitment - Trailer

Microsoft may not be the hippest act in town, but that's not the point. It is the people that make this company great.

This piece was cut from a new-employee-orientation module as a trailer for the program. Who wouldn't want to work here?

Microsoft - Multiscreen Advertising

Ever wonder what multiscreen advertising is?  Microsoft is one of the only companies in the world who can reach three screens per user and have it make sense.  This video serves as a case study to prove a point.

Whether it’s through PC, mobile, television, tablet, or gaming console, multi-screen campaigns can help you make an emotional connection with your audience, within the context of their preferred device in any given moment.

Microsoft created a series of case studies to demonstrate how these scenarios take place.

Microsoft - Are You Connected

Take a look ahead at what a future of connected software and services could bring to the world. Applications and services that once stood apart become far more valuable when taken together. Business moves faster, ideas flow more freely and people grow more deeply connected.

Filmed in 2008, spanning 5 countries in 2 weeks and edited in 8 days, this ambitious project was our first shot at producing high-end vision videos for brands like Microsoft.  Even after almost a decade of producing great content with Microsoft, this video and its message are still relevant today.