Bremone is a dance company like no other. From energy sparks passion, which is then put into practice, offering space based performances that are unforgettable.

SXSW Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen helps Chris Gethard gently destroy the set after 2 weeks of filming vignettes with IFC for SXSW.  


Autodesk University 2013: The New Industrial Revolution - Part 1

Created for Autodesk's biggest event of the year, Autodesk University, this video was used to kick off the big show. It tells the story of manufacturing through the ages, from craftsmen, through the Industrial Revolution, to the present; the New Industrial Revolution.

To see part 2, click here.



Nike Football Summit 2011

Members of the press were invited to Nike HQ in Portland, OR for the 2011 Nike Football Innovation Summit.

Nike believes in “listening to the voice of the athlete. Who better to tell you what needs to be changed than the people playing the game itself?

IFC Portlandia Season 3 Premier
MSN Live Earth - Interactive Emmy

Live Earth was a monumental music event that brought together a global audience on July 7, 2007 to combat the climate crisis. Live Earth staged concerts on 7 continents, featuring more than 150 of the world’s best music acts.

MSN teamed up with Control Room to bring the largest ever live webcast to millions of viewers.
Visual Aid worked with event footage and assets to create Microsoft's video submission for the 2008 Interactive Emmy’s, as well as promotional and educational materials.

Microsoft Games Upfront

Over 200 advertiser and agency folks joined the Massive Team and other game publisher partners for the second annual Microsoft Advertising Gaming Upfront event, showcasing cotent available for brands in the latest video game titles on the Massive network.

Extreme Arts & Sciences chose Visual Aid to help bring the story of the evening together in this nice little package.

Spotlight Awards

LOS ANGELES - The Music Center of Los Angeles County announced the 91 talented high school students chosen as performing arts semi-finalists for the 21st annual Music Center Spotlight Awards. These young artists were selected from among 1,326 Southern California students who auditioned in the six categories: ballet, non-classical dance, classical voice, nonclassical voice, classical instrumental and jazz instrumental music.

Visual Aid partnered with Real Deal Media to produce this opening montage video, highlighting the program and encouraging patronage.

Deckers Anthem Video

Created to rally the global team at the annual all-hands off site for Deckers, this video was a memorable moment for everyone involved. This piece was the closer for the event, which spanned 3 days and included dozens of videos and coordinated media efforts.


Nike World Basketball Festival 2012

The Barry Farms neighborhood in Southeast Washington, D.C. has a longstanding reputation for its competitive basketball. On Friday, July 13, the legend grew with a competitive game between Team Nike (New York) versus Goodman League (Washington, D.C.), acting as a kickoff to the World Basketball Festival 2012 stop in Washington, D.C. The hometown Goodman League pulled out a 113-110 victory over Team Nike.

With a surprise visit by hometown star Kevin Durant and his teammate James Harden under the Friday night lights, the Barry Farms based Goodman League is named after community activist George Goodman. Since it began in the 1970’s the league has featured current and former pro and collegiate stars.

To assist the Barry Farms neighborhood, Nike also unveiled a new premium court and stadium-style bleachers. The new Nike court features a resilient surface suitable for all-weather play that will be a centerpiece of the Barry Farms community for years to come.

World Basketball Festival 2012 celebrates the Washington, D.C. basketball community, while also visiting international locations including Paris, Barcelona and London. During the World Basketball Festival 2012 members of the USA Basketball Men’s and Women’s National Teams will train, compete and participate in youth skills clinics and community events.

Autodesk University - Get Ready

Autodesk created this spot as an invitation to attend Autodesk University.